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Posted By :  Administrator  On  September, 26 2014

In the world of every day’s affair, what we have planned does not go well. Protection is always in the form of exposure to health or economic losses. Safety in terms of protecting people or possession. There’s always a tough question that needs to be answered when it comes to the security of premise. Be it the security of the people or premise or individual House or Flats. Are proper safety measures followed everywhere? Do they really care for the employee’s welfare than looking after the business? 

Whether working in Schools, Office, Hospitals, Airports or Government facility, system provide you security and fire safety that will protect the people and secure assets. If you want to have employees  protection in work place, you can have Fire Safety and Security Systems which early indicates the detection of fire or smoke or beam, where in you can easily raise a manual alarm to evacuate the people and valuable assets out from the premise. Further, fire door prevents the fire to spread from one place to another in fraction of time helps for evacuation. 

For surveillance purposes, CCTV camera is best served for both internal and external purposes. Be it a home, office or industry, CCTV captures the footage of the image with crystal clarity of color image in day time and black and white image at the most challenging environment even at the pitch dark surroundings. Used to monitor the happenings all day round the clock without any interferences and technical fault which supplies the complete safety to your place wherever you are.

State of the art technology introduces Gate Automation System, which provides the complete and tight security for unauthorized persons to enter the premise. The authorized personnel who have registered their credentials can enter and leave the premise without any hassles. For apartment and Individual Villas, need not get out of the car every time to open and close the gate, just a click will do all the magic.

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