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CCTV camera Types and its functions:

CCTV is the TV system which passes the signals in a privacy manner for surveillance and monitoring purposes.  This CCTV camera has various categories such as Analog and IP cameras.  Analog cameras passes the signal in the wired mode and IP cameras passes the signal in the Wireless mode.  We are installing CCTV cameras for Restaurants, Apartments, colleges etc., We are dealing with variety of cameras such as Dome cameras, Mobotix cameras, Panroamic camera etc.,

Dome camera:

Dome cameras are designed with 600 TVL High Resolution Camera. It has 3.6mm fixed lens. And it is certified with CE, FCC. These Dome cameras can be used in Indoor only.

IR Bullet Varifocal Camera:

Outdoor Bullet Day or Night Camera with varifocal is projected with 600 TVL High Resolution Camera. It has weather Resistant with IP 66 Housing.

Box cameras:

Box cameras are day and light cameras with OSD control. It has mirror and privacy masking. It has C/CS Mount Lens.

Megapixels cameras:

Mega pixels cameras are day and light cameras and it has Built-in 1/1 Alarm in/out. It requires a multiple network monitoring such as webviewer, CMS and DMSS.

Waterproof camera:

Waterproof Camera has 1/3” SONY super HAD CCD II. It has 3.5~8mm Varifocal lens. It focuses the IR LEDs length 30m.

Indoor cube camera:

Indoor IP cameras play a major role, which fixes inside the office and tracks the real time HD audio and video.  It has motion detection and alarms. It provides the specialized feature such as Wi-fi N and Wi-fi protection setup.

Mobotix camera:

One single MOBOTIX camera with 5 megapixels records around 50 times more detail. As a result, larger image views are possible, thus reducing the number of cameras, and therefore the costs.

360 Degree Panoramic camera:

Panoramic camera is used to view the whole room or complex in a single camera by rotating it in 360 degree. This camera reduces the number of cameras used and cost involved.

IR speed Dome Day and Night Camera:

Day and night speed dome camera provides the highest level of surveillance, provides vivid images without any distortion. This camera is ideally used for use in airports, freeway surveillance, parking lots and shopping malls.




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