A Drift of CCTV

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Posted By :  Administrator  On  September, 03 2014

A trend has started in Gujarat in installing the CCTV cameras at the streets to view the happenings in and around the streetsfor security purposes which seems to be an impressive embark that has been adopted by surat.A high –level Delhi Police officials visited Gujarat city to study the surveillance system (CCTV) incorporated in Gujarat, and Delhi city police is expecting to increase the CCTV installations on the streets by 9,000 which would be useful in finding out the accused. As somany cases were pending in high courts and supreme courts due to insufficient clues and proof. It is believed that CCTV would solve such problems in future.

According to the officials in Surat, there were 26 locations where the CCTV was installed and the project undertaken byprivate and public partnership modules. Those who have interest to involve themselves in the project have to pay the one-time fee of 25,000 lakh to become a member and the money is utilized for project implementation and development.

Those who become a member will have a tax benefit and also a secure environment in the city where they reside in. Here the usual way of tendering system is not in use. Instead, they form a committee that is drawn from the trustee;experts who are best at the field would choose the vendors who are needed for the project.

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