Thriving need for Safety and Security Systems

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Posted By :  Administrator  On  September, 26 2014

In the world of every day’s affair, what we have planned does not go well. Protection is always in the form of exposure to health or economic losses. Safety in terms of protecting people or possession. There’s always a tough question that needs to be answered when it comes to the security of premise. Be it the security of the people or premise or individual House or Flats. Are proper safety measures followed everywhere? Do they really care for the employee’s welfare than looking after the business? 


Barrier increases the safety measures

Category: Safety and Security
Posted By :  Administrator  On  March, 04 2015

 Boom barriers are installed in prohibited areas to ensure safety measures.  It is used in roads, apartments, hotels, restaurants, railway tracks etc., to control the unauthorized vehicle to pass through the safety barrier.  Boom barriers are made from aluminum, steel, and wood materials which help for controlling speed of vehicles to prevent the accidents. They provide the methods for protecting buildings from theft and other crimes in an effective manner.  




Security staff spot five month old baby in xray baggage scanner

Category: Safety and Security
Posted By :  Administrator  On  January, 05 2015

Egyptian couple arrived at sharjah International Airport on Friday night but was held at immigration as child, they did not have a visa for that child. These couple was caught trying to smuggle the baby into the United Arab Emirates, then the airport security staff spotted the five month old hidden in their luggage on a baggage scanner.  


New security barriers to protect Heathrow Airport

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Posted By :  Administrator  On  January, 09 2015

Two new sophisticated security systems are making their world debut at the UK’s biggest airport, it was announced today.  An enhanced detection portal or arch and a new three-dimensional X-Ray machine have been introduced at Heathrow by airport operator BAA.




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